21 May 2009

My wish.

The following photos (by Martha Manning) of Whitney Deal's wedding (creator of the blog, "Darling Dexter") are real-life illustrations of why I wish I could sew. Like really, REALLY sew. Not cutting and hemming sheets for curtains. I mean, like, reading a pattern or better yet, making my own pattern and sewing. SEWING. Sewing pretty, pretty things. If I could it, I would promise to make the world prettier with things like these. Whitney and her mom made all of them. Even her gorgeous wedding gown. How freakin' cool is that? By the way, I think that her dress is the prettiest I've ever seen. Timeless. Modest.


ps Incidentally, the daisies also captured my heart.
My bridesmaids and I also carried simple clutches of
daisy mums. So pretty!

Love. Love. Love.

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  1. oh yes! I want to be able to sew like that too! I'm working on it... starting with blankets and little things, and I hope to work up to clothing.


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