06 April 2009

more of pete's lexical styling...

I am not really sure what is more alarming...
the fact that my kindergartner wrote that sentence at school,
the fact that his teacher didn't say anything about it. :)

Pete never ceases to amaze.


  1. look at that spelling! ... that sentence structure! ... the imagination required for such sentences!
    just be happy that he can write a complete sentence and spell the words correctly.

  2. Be happy because I still can't spell.

  3. Oh my goodness.... Like Jill said just be happy he can write like that. I am sure if Grant did that his teachers would be thrilled!!!!! Anywho thanks for the blog and I am in a horrible mood and did not sleep at all last night and now have to get ready for the funeral.... I needed a good laugh! Thanks Pete!
    -Mrs. Lewis


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