11 February 2009

Funny story.

I have been asking a girl I went to high-school with to be my friend on facebook for about 1-2 weeks, now. However, this said girl had other plans for our facebook future. She kept ignoring my request.

I know, I know. It is difficult to imagine. I am VERY likable. I am VERY generous. I am VERY fun. I am VERY loyal. I am H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. But, if you read this, you all ready know that. I am THE BEAST. (Did I just write beast? I, totally, meant BEST! Weird how that happened, huh?)

Anywho, I decided to take a stand. I did what any reasonable, adult person would do. I sent her a perfectly private message asking her why she was being so adamant about pretending I didn't exist. I should have just let it go, and, normally I would have, but, for some reason, it was really bothering me. I mean who doesn't accept someone's friend request on facebook. A total stranger? Maybe. Someone you spent years of you educational career with? No! She's friends with many of my friends, and, for the life of me, I cannot understand why she has been giving me the axe.

And then, it happened.

Mrs. Lewis called me to tell me that this girl, let's call her X, updated her status. It said something along the lines of..."X says if someone is ignoring your friend request there's a reason...move on." I mean, honestly. Who does this? I was discreet and contacted her via her inbox and she straight up writes a nasty status concerning the situation.

Now, I am normally NOT someone to take action in situations like these. Normally, I would just, oh, I don't know, "move on" as X put it. But, I am 31, and it is time I start standing up for myself. So, I responded. Again, I did it privately, but, nonetheless, I gave her a piece of my mind. It seems so easy to do over the world wide web, doesn't it?

Here's the problem:

In order to view X's status, Mrs. Lewis had me log into facebook under her name. (We are bestie's, after all.) But, I had two tabs open. One tab was logged into my facebook account, and one was logged into Mrs. Lewises'.

Are you still with me? Because it's going to get confusing.

Under my account, I composed the message, and sent it to Mrs. Lewis, so, she was aware of what I was sending. I clicked to send, and continued to send it to X. But, facebook is stupid lately, and a window popped up saying it was unable to send my message at this time. At this point, I decided to do other things on the computer and give facebook a rest. When I came back, the message was gone. Dang it! So, I went back into Mrs. Lewises' account and just copied the same message I sent to her, and was going to just copy and paste. Uh, hello, I didn't want to type the whole thing over, and besides it was kind of long, and I didn't remember exactly what I wrote. Somewhere in the confusion of tabs, windows, different accounts, copying, and pasting, I sent the message to X, but under Mrs. Lewises' account.


But, we all know, ya' win some, ya' lose some. Mrs. Lewis has forgiven me, I have forgiven myself.

So, the moral of the story is: don't let your friends use your facebook account. Actually, that's not really the moral. Because, I think it's nice when friends have such open and honest relationships. Nothing to hide. No, the REAL moral, is just, be nice. Would it kill anyone to just let the past go? Particularly, if your not even sure why your past has made others so angry. I am a very intuitive, intelligent person, a person who is not afraid of honesty, no matter how painful, and I just can't figure this one out.

Oh, well.



  1. This is a funny story. And having the Bestie (best friend) you don't need X. It is her loss in not wanting to befriend you.
    Can we see your new haircut now, please?

  2. Dude ... that sucks. I have encountered a few people like that. You would think people have grown up and gotten over themselves by now. Some times I think some of them have gotten worst. Anayways .... I came to get the whoopie cookie recipe ... yummy. Thanks for sharing ... everything.


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