12 February 2009

Forgetting and sharing.

I am fully aware that is not Wednesday. It is Thursday. I also realize I forgot about 'Watcha wearing Wednesday?' I really had three things on yesterday. I spent most of the day in jammies because Miss Betsy is still under the weather. Next, I tried on my bridesmaid dress for my cousin, Mel's, wedding. I had to see if it still fit, ya' know, after the holidays and Super Bowl. All I can say is, "Whew!". It fits like a glove. A tight, custom made-for-you glove. A glove that you cannot bend your fingers in for fear of ripping a seam. That kind of glove. Lovely. I, also, would secretly love to wear my sneaks. But, I don't think that's appropriate. Finally, I wore jeans and a cardi to get my hair cut, but, alas, I did not take a picture. These will have to do.


Also, below, is the fab birthday present Mrs. Lewis made for me. We saw these on 'whatever' here, originally made by meg ('whatever' is her blog), and Mrs. Lewis thought she would give it a go. I think she did a great job, and I am sure I will be the envy of every customer at the grocery store and Target when I whip that bad boy out full of coupons and my lists. To personalize it a bit, she added a cute picture of us from Saturday night in the little pocket of the notebook. Cute, huh?

See ya!

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  1. I made it.... I mean I really made in the BIG TIME blog world! How excitng to be the main topic! Glad you love the notebook! I love using mine... always puts me in a good mood! love ya bestie!
    Mrs. Lewis


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