11 January 2009

weddings: a good thing.

I don'y know those people, but...
I think their wedding was lovely.
I am a sucker for weddings, especially, truly personal and unique ones.
With Mel's wedding coming up, I can't help but think about one of my dream jobs.
Wedding planning.
I, of course, would only want to plan the weddings of super cool and super nice people.
I would have a disclaimer:
I will only work with you if are easy-going (meaning: you relinquish control to me),
you are the coolest (artsy, eclectic, willing to try something different),
and you are super nice (smiles for miles).
Do you think I would get many clients.
Probably not.
After all, it is the age of the 'bridezilla'.
I would, however, only do things on the cheap.

ps that makes me think that someday soon I should devote a whole post
to my list of dream jobs. hmmm....


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