13 January 2009

life in balance.

Betsy's shoes fit! Hip-hip-hooray! More importantly, she thinks she is the cat's meow. Seriously. For a kid that doesn't talk, she she sure knows how to let you know how kick-butt she thinks her shoes are.


Somehow, and I am not sure how, she got a black-eye. Now, I am not saying that for every good thing that happens to you, an equally bad thing will happen, however, I do think there is a balance to life. You know, the yin, the yang, the black, the white, the good, the bad, the pretty, the not-so-pretty, the mean, the nice, life, death.

So, in this particular case, Betsy's shoes fit, and she is happy. She got a black-eye. She's still happy. See how that works with her. Gosh, we could all learn something from kids (and adults, for that matter) like that, couldn't we?

Here's another example of the balance (dark side, light side, Voldemort, Dumbledore)...

Pete fell asleep like this, last night.
Honestly, how freakin' cute is that? Snuggly blanket, parted lips, Harry Potter glasses. For real.

Then, comes the balance I am talkin' about.

This morning he acted like this...




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  1. those shoes are AWESOME! :o) so glad they fit the little one! have a nice day!


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