15 January 2009

I 'dooooo'...

I went to Jill's house last night, and met Mama Mel (my sooon-to-be-bride cousin) and my sis over there to get down and dirty for this wedding thing. It is coming.


March 7th to be exact.

First, we tackled the invites. We went from dorky-1999 invitations (pictured in the rear of the photo below), to uber-chic invitations (in the foreground), by simply ditching the cheesy stick on bows that were included, and replacing them with a peacock blue and green ribbon. Simple and sweet. It also sets the tone of what's to come. Melissa scored these print-at-home invites for like $.63.

No shniz.

She is a real bargain shopper. We like to call her 'Dollar-dayz'. Next, came my super secret project...flowers.

I wanted to convince Mel (and, maybe, myself) that I could, totally, pull off arranging the flowers.

For everyone.

I know, it is a big undertaking, but I thrive on this stuff. Now, the real flowers will be yellow. Crayola Yellow. But, other than that, I think they turned out very uptown. Modern, simple, elegant. Incidentally, they took all of 5 minutes to put together. And, they are carnations.

Martha, herself, says carnations can be very posh for a budget wedding.

I couldn't agree more.

We, also, added some sprigs of feathers for visual interest. Mel wants some kind of feathery/broochy/vintagey clip for her hair to wear in conjunction with her veil. I thought incorporating the feathers was nice. She also saw a picture of some boutonnieres with feathers, so, that is the direction we will go for the guys, too. Then, I noticed this sack of the most beautiful blue buttons she had bought for the flower girls' project (more on that further into this post). Why not add a button to the bow on the bouquets?


Wowza, it turned out b-e-a-u-tiful! Gorgeous against the black dresses. Remember... the flowers for the real big day will be a beautiful yellow color...
Now, for the flower girls' craft...

Mel saw some lace-covered balls on etsy for, like, $30. We all knew we could make them. Grab a ton of lace and ric-rac, a hot glue gun, some pretty buttons, and start wrapping and gluing.

You end up with the most beautiful, vintage-looking kissing balls. They are perfect for the girls to carry down the aisle.

All of the lace was only a buck a spool.
Go Dollar-dayz!


Another light-bulb went on...

We thought about taking off the attached brooch on the bridesmaids' dresses and replacing it with a blue button.

(A big thank-you, to my model/sister. She is a buxom beauty, isn't she?)
I think it goes seamlessly with everything else.
It's also a little unexpected, which I love, love, love.

Thanks, for a fun night ladies. I am getting super-duper excited for this fabulose-O night. Keep you fingers crossed that my dress still fits! :)

don't you want to answer the door for the love in your life on valentine's day, wearing that apron (maybe, just that apron). and, oh, I don't know, be holding a martini, and have a kiss-on-the-cheek waiting?
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Peace Out!

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