05 December 2008

week-nights & bavarian child actors.

THURSDAY NIGHTbetsy modeling her new night gown.
showing tony, who seems more interested in his iphone.
one day, me & that iphone of his are gonna step outside.

rosie wearing her new favorite garment (my bra).
for real.
is this border-line child abuse?
personally, i think she looks adorable.

hot wheels on the kitchen floor.
look close, rosie still has the bra on.

dinner was polish snasage and sauerkraut.
like the word snasage better than sausage.
horseradish sauce: mandatory.
cheesy potatoes take the place of red potatoes.
we are grebes, after all.
this dinner always reminds me of one thing.
see below.

if you do not know who that is...
you cannot be my friend.
hint: "oompa-loompa.."
and roald dahl

I'm off like a light.
ps i'm kidding about the not-being-my-friend thing.
...or am I?

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