04 December 2008


Afghanistan is stupid. I mean not all of it, of course. The people of the non-terrorist variety, I am sure, are all very lovely. But it's far away, and dangerous. I think danger is always worth mentioning, don't you? I, for one, always consider the level of danger when making any kind of travel plans. My dad, on the other hand, has no regard for danger. He is a loner and a rebel. And... he is going to Afghanistan. Which, after much internal deliberation, I have concluded that Afghanistan is just the sort of place for a loner and a rebel to descend upon. At least it is not as hot as Iraq. Don't get me started on Iraq, don't even get me started.

ps my dad is not really a loner, or a rebel, for that matter. i just like the romance & mystery involved when you say it (try it like pee-wee).

dad: Rose, there are things about me you wouldn't understand, you couldn't understand, you shouldn't understand. I AM going to Afghanistan. I'm a loner, Rosie, a rebel.

mom: I don't understand. (it's okay, mom. none of us do) :(
Godspeed, good sir.

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