09 December 2008

prayer power.

This is a prayer that was sent to me from my dear and beautiful cousin, Michelle, when Jake & I first learned of Betsy's condition. We were in a constant state of flux, always wondering what the future might hold for all of us, but more importantly, Betsy. I was very sad much of the time, and I said this prayer often. At the time, there were moments when I wasn't sure if I could fully surrender myself to what the words were actually saying. It was a long and difficult rite of passage for me, but I earned the badge, so to speak, and wear it with honor. Now, I say this prayer for comfort. I am faithful and know the absolute truth of the words. We do NOT need to understand everything that happens to us in this earthly life. It isn't in our job description. And quite frankly, I am glad of the not knowing. Some things are better left unknown, and some things just happen for no reason at all. It is what we take away from these crisis that is the important thing. God is working through us all.

"Father God, Thank You for always being there for me no matter what I face. I know You will never fail me, even in my most intense trials. I have not always understood why I was going through certain things; however, I do not have to understand, because You are God and You are in control, in spite of my lack of understanding. I know that all You require of me is to trust You, and look to You in faith and You will come and save me, and bring me an answer. You always have, and You always will, because You are faithful. You never fail any of us who look to You. I have failed You, Lord, by my doubt and unbelief at times, but You have never failed me. Lord, please remove all the sorrow and grief I feel. Heal this pain I feel in my heart and help me to trust You more. Fill this empty place in my heart with more of Your Spirit. I ask this in Your name.

ps please pray for Betsy,
that she might find an outlet
to communicate efficiently.
our prayers to get her to walk
seemed to work magically.
thanks, & keep it up!


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