12 December 2008

pots & pans are on my mind.

I have been thinking about kitchens lately. A lot. Maybe it's the holiday baking I have yet to do, or the fact that we thought our over-the-range microwave died last week. Who knows? But they've been on my brain. We updated ours right before lil' Ro was born. We painted yucky oak cabinets. (Can you say 1986?) Got some new hardware & counters. My husband even installed them, and he created a nifty built-in plate rack above the sink. I am the weaver of dreams, and he makes them a reality with his bare hands. He's even almost chopped off a finger or two, and I've witnessed him about to vomit from nerves when cutting the hole in the counter for the sink.

, if we were staying in this house forever, I would have done a complete kitchen and bathroom overhaul. But we aren't. So for now, until the economy/real-estate market reinstate themselves to their original glory, I will just dream. I will flood my grey matter with beautiful images like below; white cabinets, farmhouse sinks, open shelving, subway tile, marble, black honed granite, stainless steel, vintage school house lighting, butcher block, bead board, hardwood. These are the things that dreams are made of.

Have a great weekend!

See ya!


  1. I LOVE that last kitchen! I found your blog last week. . .searching kitchens. .

    anyways. this post has been up in my tabs for days. . .i've just starred at that kitchen. anyways, the power went off last night, and i lost your blog and that picture. i've been so upset, but finally found it and thanked God.

    where did you find that picture? oh i adore it!

  2. I normally source my photos, but, alas, i did not on this particular occasion. If memory serves me correctly, it came from the design gallery at Cottage Living or Better Homes & Gardens websites. Unfortunately, Cottage Living went out of print...
    sorry, I couldn't me more helpful


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