16 December 2008


Does anyone out there know how difficult it is to try and make my life sound interesting on a daily basis? I mean, I am assuming that all 5 of you that are reading personally know me, and can attest to the fact that my days are full of the mundane. But, mundane can often times = magical.

Magic has happened here. It takes the form of Tilda. Tilda is my new Toshiba laptop. Well, OUR new lalptop. I cannot claim sole ownership. It, in part, belongs to my husband. (Whatever.) Tilda may be mundane to most of you, but to me, she is pure magic. After all, she is replacing the wooly mammoth. The only thing she's missing is fairy dust. And, I am sure, one of my lovelies can arrange for that.

In other, completely unlrelated-mundane-news...

Yesterday, it looked like this, and there wasn't school?!

Today, it looked like this, and there was school?!

I would like for the superintendant of our school district to please contact me, and give me the 4-1-1 on the school cancelation policy.

I don't know, maybe he had a long weekend, and chose yesterday to sleep it off.

That's my theory.

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  1. I understand how difficult it is to make your life sound interesting. I've tried blogging before but it never worked out. Kids provide a lot of material though. I just started reading your blog and although I don't get to it every day .... I do, very much, enjoy reading it. Thanks! Christy told me about it a few weeks ago ....


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