15 October 2008

A wonderful day in August...

I am no Martha Stewart, but I do aspire to be like her. She's rich, famous, a good cook, and the cutest convicted inside-trader I've ever seen. She can throw a party together in a pinch, loves animals, and is a killer decorator. I hope Betsy's 4th birthday party would have made her the least bit proud.

The theme was taken from a super charming invitation from Sarah Jane Studios. Her illustrations can be found on stationary, calendars, prints, and buttons in her Etsy shop. (For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy click here. It is a bazaar of all that is good from artisans and designers. Who doesn't love handmade things?)

I attempted a homemade meringue cake. Doesn't it look magical? It didn't taste so magical, but the aesthetic was there. Hey, Betsy loved it! We had an ice cream cone pinata, and I dipped pretzel rods in chocolate, and sprinkles, and sealed them with a little sticker from Sarah Jane that matched the invites. Tres cute!
Sometimes I can ruin a beautiful day like this thinking about nonsensical things. That morning, I was thinking about how Miss Bets doesn't have the social ability to make school friends to invite on her special day, and how unjust this was. This, of course, is pure silliness. By that evening, when the house was full of family and family friends, I thought about how lucky we are, and more importantly, how lucky she is to have such wonderful people in her life. It truly was a wonderful day!

p.s. I, in no way, aspire to be a convicted inside-trader. Now, a cute, convicted inside-trader, maybe.

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