14 October 2008

The Clan

the fab four

I guess I should introduce the rest of my beautiful family.

I will start with my husband, Jake. I have known Jake since 1995 (high school), married him in 2000, and had a child with him in 2001. Whew! I feel like I have known him forever, but am still finding new things to love about him everyday. From 2001 to 2007, we created four little humans. We always wanted a larger family, and Jake would agree to have about 20 kids, but for now, all is right with the world. He works at his parents automotive shop, and provides beautifully for us all. He is a hard worker, and the true definition of a family man. He loves God, his kids, muscle cars, football, drag racing, dogs, and me.

Jake II, our first bambino, was due on our first anniversary (6/3/00). He came at the end of May, and he has been a joy ever since. He is a pleaser like his dad, and a perfectionist, like his mom. Of all the things he could inherit from me, I am not pleased this was the trait he got. He looks like my dad when he was a boy, and has lots of cute little freckles. He loves books, sports, drawing and telling stories. He is getting to be such a big boy, I don't know where the time went. What can you say about a little one who just wants to make you happy?

Pete came in October of 2002 (we work fast). He was a big boy, 8 lbs. 6 oz., and for some unknown reason, I decided on a natural delivery with him. Maybe my frustration from the pain somehow genetically encoded itself into him because he was a pistol from the beginning. He demanded to nurse constantly, I obliged. He demanded toys and table food when the time came, I did not always oblige. He spoke in 2-3 word phrases from the time he was 15-months-old, usually to demand something. He continues to demand, and push the limits of all who cross his path. He is a lot like his momma. I don't know what to say about that, except with his demands come a surprising generous and loving nature. Crazy, right?

You have all been introduced to Miss Betsy. She continues to surprise us with her accomplishments. She started walking around her 4th birthday, and recently acquired a talker from school. This is a machine that she can use to talk for her, since her cute, little brain can't seem to make the words she desperately wants to speak. She is super happy, super loving, and super huggy.

Rosie is the newest addition to our family. She came last March, and is named after her grandma (the Eternal Pessimist), who is named after her grandma. I had a repeat c-section, and a very nice four night stay in the hospital with her. She is a woman who knows what she wants. As independent as she would like us all to believe she is, she is very addicted to two things, me and her blankie or "B". Every woman needs something, and I am happy to offer my services to her. She is a climber and a runner. Her motor skills are superior to her verbal skills, although, in the last several months, she is not lacking there either.

We also have a lil' dog, Chopper. I do not think it is chaotic over here, because I don't know what it's like otherwise. My mom often jokes that she never would have guessed I would have had this many children, let alone, in that amount of time. She saw me as a career woman. "Hey lady, I am a career woman. I am in the business of rearing the future!" And as my dad would say, as long as they turn out to be contributing members of society, and DO NOT still live at home, you have done your job.

I guess time will tell...

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