24 October 2008


This is Jakey's 2nd grade class performing at the 2nd & 5th grade fall music program. He is the last one on the right in the middle row. You can totally tell which one he is, right? Uh, no, you can't for shniz, because my camera SUCKS! It doesn't focus, the lighting is always off, and I am constantly wanting to throw it out the front door and onto the lawn. Oh, wait, I found another close-up of my precious, first-born, angel child that is much better...
I must have done something right this time. I can actually tell that he has what seems to be two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, never mind those cute freckles or that endearing gap between his two front teeth. Those are certainly minor details. Here's the real injustice. We got a decent shot of this kid from the 5th grade.
I mean, at least it's focused. This kid is soooo cool it hurts. And I am NOT trying to be funny. I wonder if Seth Rogen knows his childhood look-a-like is running around in Missouri. I'm as serious as I can be when I say that I love a kid with an afro and Pumas. So, to the parents of this ridiculously stylish boy, I have a great picture of your spawn.

To Jake, I am sorry if it seems like we love other random children more than you. This is not the case! We do NOT want you to find another family, even though that is what you proclaimed this morning at breakfast concerning another completely unrelated issue. Who knew a 7-year-old could have teenage angst? It must be the hormones in milk. But, he can still tell his dad to get me a new camera. Wink, wink. He knows what kind I want.

PS Regardless of the picture situation, Jake did great, sang LOUD, and had a great time! I love you, buddy!

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