13 April 2012


So, I obviously cannot post everyday, but I'm hoping to post every few days.  I think that sounds pretty reasonable. 

It's a matter of time.  And time isn't usually very friendly.  Especially to me.

I don't know what has happened in the last 6 months or so, but I have significantly less of it.

I look at my little nuggets and can't believe how big they are, how independent they are, and how much they know. 

Certainly, Rosie was just spending her days happily nursing and snuggling the away, while Betsy got in-home therapy almost everyday, and the boys were boisterously wrestling on the floor or jumping off the couch...oh wait, the boys still do that.

Anyway, enough of that nostalgic stuff.

Even though, time robs us of so much, it also allows for friendships to blossom, wounds to heal, knowledge to be gained.

I have met many people through my blog.  Over time.

None has come to mean as much to me as Crystal

I never would have thought that of all the people I 'knew' from blog land, that she would be the dear friend to me that she is today.  Over time our spunky debates turned into quite a camaraderie. 

And, in time...I will see her in real life. 

How's that for time being on my side?



  1. Oh friend! I love you too!! Looking very forward to giving you a hug around the neck! xo

  2. You two are adorbs! Crystal was one of the first blogs I read and followed (in '09), and not long after that I found yours! I should have known 2 of my favorite bloggers would become friends :) It's like watching a really great chickaflicka movie, but it's real! :)


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