15 February 2012

The last birthday party...for awhile.

I'm all birthday'd out.  BUT...
my youngest, Rosie, is turning 5 in March. 

I cannot believe it. 

After much ado, she's decided on a county fair theme.

I've made it as far as the birthday outfit {which Crystal made}, and the invites which I did in Photoshop. 

That's it. 

Let's hope the invite provides some much needed decor/menu inspiration. 

Oh, and the fonts are all from Dafont.com, the clip art is from Just Something I Made, and the tickets were a dollar store find. 

Any ideas...

I have pies, jam, pickles, kettle corn, hot dogs, funnel cakes, chocolate cake, sack race, blue ribbons, blue grass music.  A petting zoo is out of the question, but I may dress the pups up as a cow and a pig.


I'm too depressed about my baby turning 5 that I can't get creative.  The invites may be the best thing about the party. 

And, I can't have that, now, can I? 


  1. What about setting up some different stations or "booth areas" where the kids can play simple games for (small)prizes and/or candy(think oriental trading.com)? Those prizes can take the place of goody bags at the end of the party.
    Use a big piece of plywood(painted or covered in fabric), pin blown up balloons to it and have them shoot darts to try to pop the balloons...again for prizes.
    Have the kids toss rings or even "bob for ducks" in a big basin, metal washtub or even blown up kiddie pool of water. The (rubber) ducks can have numbers(or colors) on the bottom for different sized prizes.
    Have a peanut hunt. Kids look for (shelled) peanuts and fill paper bags. One with most at the end wins a prize.
    My hubby is a history teacher by day, a balloon artist on the weekends. :) He's worked a ton of bday parties and carnivals.Oh and he's a "balloon artist", not a clown.They're evil. Theres a difference:)

  2. Oh my gosh! These are so precious! I love the idea of booths and different prizes from the comment before. So cute! I can't wait to see the fantastic pictures!

  3. Beth,
    We didn't get to talk much at your short CW stay. I felt so bad for you! I hope you are feeling better. YOu were missed. Lindsey

  4. Photobooths are always a good idea, and if you have access to the Apple Photobooth software, that makes it super simple. Get some fabric for a background (which can be hung on anything to keep it looking like a backdrop), props that look like they'd be at a fair (plastic corndog? bandannas? cowboy hats? whatever you can borrow/find, really), and your laptop and you're set. As for something to do, we always have booths for people to show off quilts and embroidery and paintings. You could set up graph paper and markers for kids to make their own "embroidery", and watercolors or whatever to make their own paintings. Blue ribbons for everyone!

  5. You gotta have cotton candy that stuff is awesome....what about a country theme pinata kids love those...


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