12 January 2012


I love this free clip art from Martha Stewart.  It is colorful, fun, and could be used for so, so, so much!

We are super addicted to clementines.  Are you?

It will be a sad day when the season is over.  Sad, indeed.

Betsy stands at the refrigerator and sniffs the fruit drawer until I get the hint.  It's redunkulous.

This certainly isn't the best photo, but that is the current progress of our master bathroom redo. 

Lots more to do, but I think it's pretty rad so far.

And, finally...

we are going on vacation to Destin!

We have never been anywhere with our whole family except Chicago and Trout Lodge {one hour from our house}, so this is super exciting.  I cannot wait for my kids to see the ocean.

If you have any tips on where to stay that has 2-seconds-to-get-there beach access, full kitchen, and a condo pool, or tips for traveling hours on end with littles in the car...please share.  We are very new to this. 


  1. Your bathroom is fantastic so far, can't wait to see it finished!

  2. There are tons of condos. You should google a real estate company and they will send you info. Plenty of places for families. For the kids in the car, we did lots of small and cheap presents from the dollar store and gave them one to open each hour. Plus stops at the gas station where everyone got to pick out a treat. New to them DVDs- ask a friend if you can borrow some that they've never seen. Headphones for gaming systems!! Pack a cooler and stop at rest stops and let them run around, or find a McDonalds with a play place. Be prepared for multiple stops. Look up what's on the way and see if there's any fun places to stop for an hour or so to get out and see something new. There are PLENTY of websites with info on traveling with kids.

  3. We are on our third box in as many weeks. I've been simmering the peels with cinnamon and bay leaves :)

  4. We went to Destin last year as a family and had an excellent time. We stayed here: http://www.resortquestdestinvacations.com/rental/complex.html?ID=21 - The Beach Manor and the Tides both have beach access. The rooms were big (we chose the 2 bdrm/2bth)... which we were looking for with all that family togetherness ... ya know what I mean? ;) The whole place was very kid friendly. They even had kid movies at night in the pool area. It's close to down town Destin too. There are tons of places to stay and things to do ... I'm sure you'll figure it all out. Just wanted to give you my recommendation. I know I felt completely lost when I started planning our Destin trip and just wanted it to be kid friendly and comfortable for us. Good Luck and Have Fun!

  5. Antlers!
    I love antlers!!!!!

  6. i was born and raised in st. louis, love trout lodge! have vacationed in destin, loved it! love clementines but have you had cara cara oranges? they are sooo good! i found you from your kitchen makeover on young house love, it is so cool! we are moving into a fixer uper in 2 months and i want almost the exact same things that you did in your kitchen!! the counter tops have been hard, i want marble too but i think it is just not a good choice, i love that you did the marble subway tile!! how are you liking your counter tops so far?! color, cleaning etc.

  7. I live in approximately 65 miles from Destin,Fl. Great food,shopping and beach. Be sure and go to the Back Porch for lunch or dinner. So many awesome places to eat. Silver Sands designer shopping outlets. Your family will have a wonderful vacation. If you've never been to Orange Beach, Alabama you should vacation there. My kids like that area better! Have Fun!


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