07 November 2011

That time of year.

Well, it's that time of year.  The time of year that I costantly feel stressed, anxious, spread too thin.

Once New Year's rolls around, I can breathe easy.

It's the holidays and everything that goes along with it {baking, parties, gift buying}, the financial aspect of the holidays and never wanting to spend what we don't have which means getting creative, which means making my head hurt, all of the school obligations, the cold/bad weather starts {which I actually love, but it adds 20 minutes onto the commute anywhere making sure 4 kids are bundled}, and all of the unexpected things that you just don't plan on happening because, let's face it, they always seem to happen in force at this time of year. {This is my finest run-on sentance to date.}

Every year, I vow to slow down, say no, enjoy the time spent with family and friends that we don't get to see that often. But every year, I fail miserably. 

Is there some magic spell I should know?  A part of the equation I'm missing?

The real tragedy is, I have so much to enjoy.  So much to be grateful for.  The obvious: husband, kids, health, home, clothes, food, a general want for nothing.  But there is also the not so obvious: a thriving start up business, a husband who has been sober for 6 1/2 months, people who appreciate my gifts of which I love to share, the realized joy of having a child with special needs, the acceptance of who I am and being comfortable in this skin.

So, I have to ask myself, what gives? 

I am alone in this struggle?

I find it so hard to be in the moment from Halloween to Christmas.  And there are so many fantastic moments to find yourself in during these months. 

What do you do to slow down, enjoy, relax?



You could potentially save me from certain doom. 


  1. I usually have to get sick in order to make myself slow down, which is what I am now. Boo:(

  2. For the shopping part, read this blog post! http://wordsofwilliams.com/christmas-shopping-stop-the-tress-in-5-steps/

    For the rest of it, try to clarify the purpose. Is the season about closeness to family? Then make that a priority. Is it about meeting social obligations (gifts, treats, parties)? Then say yes to the things that will show your love to those who've poured themselves into your life throughout the year (kids' teachers, neighbors, whatever) and don't let yourself feel guilty about saying no to the rest.
    Whatever you decide is the chief reason for celebrating the season, set it above everything else. That way you have focus and don't let the multitude of Christmas "have to"s drag you down. Have a blessed holiday!


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