17 November 2011

The cleaner side of things...

So, now that you know what our house normally looks like, you may want to pop over to 'Life Made Lovely', and see what it looks like all purdy'd up in the 'Home Made Lovely' series Heather has put together.

I think you might like it better.  Or is that just me?  Maybe so.

Either way, hop on over and show Heather {and me, too} a little love. 


  1. hello, beth! it was a treat to 'meet' you on heather's blog today!
    your home is beautiful and cozy, thanks for sharing! xo

  2. beth, i love you house...SO.MUCH. it was just the weirdest thing...seeing your house...it was/is the house i would have...IN MY DREAMS. the colors, the patterns and prints, the KITCHEN, the photos, the DENIM COUCHES!!! anyway...loved, loved, loved it. i will be visiting your blog often and stealing all of your ideas. :0) wish i had known about you sooner...we've lived here in the st. louis area for the past year and a half...getting ready to go home to SC...but would have LOVED to have you photograph my kids. doggonit!!!

  3. Hi Beth, I'm coming over Heather's blog today too. I just wanted to let you know that I love your house...it looks like such a wonderful and peaceful place. And not just on the cleaner side of things, even when it's messy (I saw that post too!) Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I like you. I just read Heather's post..fell in love with your quirky style. You just seem very sweet. We would be friends in real life;)

  5. I absolutely love, love this home tour. So lovely. Whenever I get the opportunity to redo my kitchen, yours is tagged as what i am going for. Fun, fresh and spunky. Your blog. Love! New follower. I can't wait to see how those totally rad family pics come out. The Olds.... so sweet! happy friday.

  6. i love love love your home and style! :D
    thanks so much for sharing it today.

  7. Just found your blog through Life made lovely!
    Your newest follower:)
    Your babes are precious and your home is too!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. I want those fun brightly colored chairs in your living room. Where in the world did you get them?


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