05 October 2011

The Lulu.

When you blog, and your blog grows, you'll 'meet' people.  This phenomenon has enriched and blessed my life.  Maybe that sounds nerdy to you, but I don't really care.  Maybe in reality it is.  Then again, I never claimed to be cool.  The bottom line is this...{nerdy or not} these new people you'll find will be good. 

Trish from 'DAiSYS & dots' is one of these people.  Not only is she wonderfully nice and just plain lovely, she's crafty.  Much more than I.  She makes cool stuff.  Some of it, you can find HERE.  She also takes pictures.  Pretty, pretty pictures...you can see those HERE.  Sadly, she lives far away in a land called Michigan.  These days, Michigan might as well be China.  BUM-mer!

One of the great things she's been making lately is the 'Lulu Headband'.  I'm sporting one in the photo above.  I'm a huge fan of headwraps, even with short hair.  I have quite a few.  More than I probably should.  The 'Lulu' is my new favorite.  I get compliments whenever I wear it.  Even from strangers. {Which kind of creeps me out, but my irrational fears are a post for another day.} 

My only problem with this amazingly cute headband is that Rosie has quite a fondness for it, too.

Aside from the fact that she looks absolutely edible in it,  it bugs the tar out of me.  So, if you have little girlies, these headbands fit them great, too.  Just be prepared to fight with them over it.

Trish has kindly offered 'Odd Girl Out' readers a 10% discount on any 'Lulu headbands' purchased in her Etsy shop for the next 48 hours only!  All you need to do is use the code 'ODDGIRLOUT10' when checking out to redeem your discount!  How cool is that?  I would hurry though.  She sells quite a few of them.  

If you don't get one...well, you'll just wish you had.  So, do yourself a favor, and just order one already...or two, or three.


  1. Cute headband. Heading over to check it out

  2. :) you look great in it... i will send all my short haired friends over here to show them that it works in their hair too :) hugs


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