25 October 2011

Adult Party?

So, we are having our second 'Grebe Fall Ball' coming up here, shortly.

Basically, it's an event we have with no kids allowed, so that our friends {most of whom are paretns}, can relax, socialize, enjoy some good food {without worrying about sharing with little hands}, and the company of friends {many of which we don't get to see all the time}. 

To say I look forward to this night is an understatement.  It is such a fun time. 

We have even had guests come in formal wear, which may or may not have included a tuxedo shirt and old bridesmaids' dresses.  I mean, we do call it a ball, right? 

Funny enough, the first year we had this soiree, I was telling some folks that they should come, and I was giving them the deets.  All I said was, "You know, it's an adult party.".  I was met with some quizzical looks. 

Apparently, an adult party to some means something totally different than what it means to me.  Ha!  I was told I didn't seem like the adult party type.  At that point, I picked up what the were puttin' down, so to speak.  I assured them there was nothing 'questionable' involved.  No strange 'toy' demonstrations, or unrated movies, or bowl of keys, if you know what I'm sayin'. 

Needless to say, I have since referreed to the party as the 'no kids allowed party', or the 'find your babysitter party', or 'mom & dad's night out party'.  But, every once in awhile I catch myself saying things, like, "Hey, Big Daddy...did you invite Bob and Suzie to the adult party?".

I must admit, it does sound a bit sketchy. 

So, the moral of the story is this, if you ever receive an invite to an adult party from me...you can rest easy.  It's not what you think.


  1. hahaha! that is hilarious! if it was "that" kind of party, i accidently got a game you could play...(check my blog IF you want). some dip made jenga into a "big people game" then donated it to goodwill...
    your party sounds like a great time :)


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