15 June 2011

Hump Day Ear Candy.

Ghostland Observatory.  They are rad.  This is one of my several Wakarusa discoveries.

My favorite...

They tour pretty frequently, too, which is grrrrrrreat.  Nothing beats live music.  NOTHING!

They will get you dancing for sure.  Personally, this is house cleaning music if I've ever heard any.  Funky.

I've been writing a deep post that I think I'm finally ready to share this week, so stay tuned.  Don't we all love my deep thoughts?

Also, don't forget to enter the Methane Studios giveaway, HERE.  Good Luck!


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  2. Dearest musical soul sister, I am obsessed with your entire musical selection. Will you please let me know which are your favorite Avett Bros songs? They're coming to town and I'm trying to convince my friend that we cannot miss them, but I'm only basing that off of the fact that I know you love them. Please indulge me in exactly which songs are your favs! Thanks for all the musical goodness you share with me! You're the bestest! Oh, and only because I know you'll be excited I have to tell you -- I'm going to Civil Wars in a couple weeks.... Squeal!

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