16 March 2011

Things making me smile today.

 My 'new-to-me' espresso/cappuccino maker.
It is boss!
{Don't you love when friends clean house?}
Is it bad that I've already had a total of 4 shots?
I need to stop.
But, damn, it's good!

Late risers {it's spring break, wrapped in blankets, eating chocolate donuts.
You know...the kind full of artificial colors and loads of chemicals?
Big Poppa knows what we like!
Spring Break is full of treats like that.

'Quality' computer usage.  Roblox is quality, right?
The kids don't get Wii, IPods, or computers during the weekdays.
Spring Break is always an exception in these parts.
They are taking every advantage.

Crazy curls, baby blues, and sticky donut faces.
This was taken 1 hour after she had a donut.
That's how we roll.
It is now wiped off, AND she has clothes on.
I'm not a total wash as a mother.

Freshly painted nails on 4-year-olds.
I am not a nail person.
Poor little thing had to beg me for a day to get some pink polish on those digits.
She is elated.
It really is the small things.


  1. That coffee maker looks so awesome! I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I think even I would have some fun with that thing. And I love the random pictures of the kids. The donuts, computer usage, and painted nails reminds me of being back home with my younger siblings.

  2. Hi
    great blog, lovely photos and your comments are like poems.
    Katie x


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