25 March 2011

Snapshots of home.

Things are coming along swimmingly.  
I found some great fabrics locally, and have been sewing pillows galore.
Finally, we have a spot for our mid-century green chaise.
We've had it for almost 11 years.
Incidentally, it reclines and vibrates.
It's amazing.

I discovered this great bench at Home Goods.
The colors tie everything together.
It was a happy, happy find.

My momma passed down a chair in the perfect shade of yellow.
I'm collecting Gs for a wall vignette.  
{If you have any good sources for old, nasty letters...do share.}

I painted our big clock in a chevron print with the help of my mathematical husband.
It really anchors the dining room.
Here is a good tutorial if you're interested in painting chevron stripes.

I'm happy to have a bundle of forsythia branches resting peacefully on the entertainment credenza.
Spring is coming.

And, finally, we come to my new favorite.  
That big, yucky head on the other end of the credenza {also from Home Goods}.
We have named him 'Bob'. 
I think he'll like it here.
Sadly for him, if he does not...he has no legs to leave.
Poor Bob.

I'm also hoping to share the gallery ledges Jake built for me sometime next week.
I'm still tweaking photo arrangements and painting frames.
There are A LOT!
Hopefully, enough to fill approximately 30 feet of shelving!

Have a great weekend!
I'm taking the boys to see THIS.
The first one was so great, so we have high expectations!
Jake and Pete are huge fans of the books, too.
Hope we like it...


  1. So pretty.
    I have to say that bench is probably my favorite item!

  2. love, love, lovely!!!
    and I'm lovin' Bob too!:)

    Happy weekend!!

  3. Love your eclectic taste! It's so much fun to gather furniture from over the years and pair it with a fab Home Goods purchase! That bench is to die for...seeing pics of your home ALWAYS inspires me. I know Bob will love living there....I am actually quite jealous of him! ;-)

  4. I love the G's, mostly because my name starts with one, but still!


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