21 February 2011

Miracles and tiny set backs.

First off, let me say congrats to my cousin Melissa and her husband Josh on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Nellie Rose.  She is pink and perfect, and much anticipated by many, many people.  I, for one, am completely smitten.  {I have photos to share from the shower, belly, and baby.}

Next up, I just want to say it's been a tough few days.  The kids all got over strep a couple of weeks ago, and Saturday night the pukes started.  Even the Big Guy.  Now, I feel completely nauseous.  Great.

I am definitely a fall and winter kind of girl, but this is insane.  We couldn't even enjoy the unseasonably warm temps because of the sickies.  That park across the street seems to be laughing at us at this point.

Hopefully, I'll be back in action soon!

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