04 January 2011

The Fork in the Road.

image via kaushik.net

As I struggle with my blog issues:  do I want to continue to blog?, if I continue, what direction do I want this blog to go in?, will a drastic change mean less of you coming along for the ride?, etc, I do know one thing in this sea of uncertainty...

I know I want this area of the Internets to be a nice place to be.  Maybe not super 'Suzy Sunshine' at all times, but nice.  Basically, I want to share what I think would interest you.  Things that keep me going back to blogs that I read.  Let's face it, blogging is narcissistic.  I read this once somewhere, "Nowadays anyone with a crap laptop and an Internet connection can sound their barbaric yawp, whatever it may be.".  I can't remember where, but it's true.  This is a me, me, me culture, and I never thought I'd fall pray to it.  This blog has evolved so much in the last 2 years, and I'm not happy with the place it is currently.  

I look back on all the posts, and really have mixed feelings.  Sometimes I'm so whiny, sometimes too boastful, opinionated, self-righteous, even proud.  Seasons of life, I suppose.  Because there are the funny posts, the informative posts, the moments of good writing or pretty photos.  

I don't think I'm great, but I'm okay.  And okay, is good.  Okay IS great.  Okay is a happy place to be.  I want everyone to think that their mediocre okay life is just as awesome as I think mine is.  Perspective.  Okay is the new cool.  That's what I want everyone to take away from here.  Okay is super.  There is beauty and amazingness in okay.  And, if I can't succeed in doing that, well, I will close up shop.  Just because I can arrange a mantel vignette or shoot my camera in manual mode, I assure you, there is nothing extraordinary about me.

Maybe during this trial period I'll get that loving feeling back for the blog.  Maybe not.  But, whatever happens, I'll be okay.  Okay is good.  Okay is great.  Okay is super.  


  1. Nooooo.....Don't go. I love reading your blog! You are so real with life and tell it like it truly is! I love your photos and post!

  2. It may not feel the greatest to look back at posts where you think you sounded whiny, boastful, or opiniated, but the important thing to realize about those times is that this blog was a GREAT way for you to get those feelings out. It's true that blogging is a "me, me, me" part of culture but even the most humble people need that every once in awhile... If you didn't have Blogger to get those feelings out, they could have been directed toward an innocent bystander in your real-world life.

    Obviously the important thing to do when considering the future of your life is to go with your gut and what YOU want. That's the only way you'll be happy! :) My advice is just to not be too harsh on yourself when looking back at previous posts. Good luck with everything! And don't forget that no matter what you decide, you've got tons of loyal followers supporting you.

  3. Blogging always starts out fun and light and theraputic, but somehow turns into a chore and a sense of pressure. and hardly theraputic. but...the one thing i can say regardless of your choice in the end, is that people have been encouraged by you. by your story. by your heart. whining often serves as encouragement to those who are convinced they are the only ones going through a tough time. besides, i like your music picks. and i'd like a full tour of your new kitchen. so, basically, it'd be cool if you stuck it out. otherwise, i think everyone gets it. we're all moms. we're all busy. we get it. ::hugs::

  4. I blog for ME and my family. I blog as a way to not only document my family's lives, but also to help those who also have children on the autism spectrum. And I blog sometimes for therapy for me. I'm actually amazed I have readers sometimes... do they really care that we just went to Chimney Rock the other day? I guess they do, or they wouldn't read!

  5. I'm at the very same "fork"...and I DO think it's O.K. no matter which way we go...
    but you know I love ya either way- and your kitchen IS looking awesome!
    Happy 2011!

  6. Keep blogging...i think your awesome. You seem to be doing this for yourself and not for money...since I don't really see ads on your blog. But I enjoy reading your blog and your music too!

  7. For what it's worth, I love your whining. ;) It reminds me I'm not alone. You are real, transparent, honest. As your reader and fellow occasional whiner, I thank you. ;)

  8. You are great, everyone thinks you are super bad a#@! Plus I dont want to be the innocent bystander, so keep blogging!!

    Love Big Jake

    p.s plus you really do have a talent to writing!

    p.p.s.s. what do you mean you can't believe I did the kitchen?!?!? I can, I am super cool too! Duh!


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