24 November 2010

The Winner & Hump Day Ear Candy.

Congratulations!  (Ha!  You have to watch the video to know if you won!)

Now, all you need to do is email me your contact information to send along to Krystal from Cardstore.com, and a set of photo gift tags or a photo notebook are all yours!

I apologize for my 'less than scientific' way of producing a winner.  In all honesty, it's as random as any number generator, and cuter, too {even if they did JUST wake up}.  Also, please ignore the construction mess.  However, I will say, I, currently, enjoy being able to put Diet Dr.Pepper cans wherever I please, like the window sill.

Now, onto the 'ear candy'...

this Wednesday, I would like to share with you the creative mind and beautiful music of King Charles.

My personal favorite:

Check these out, too  'Time of Eternity', and 'We Didn't Start the Fire' {a rework of the REM classic 'It's the End of the World as We Know It'}.

Unfortunately, most of his brilliant music is not available in the states.  It baffles me that iTunes UK and iTunes US are two different entities.  C'mon, Apple, let's get it together and just combine the two.  This is not the first  or the last time, I'm sure, that I've encountered this issue.

He is an eclectic sort, while seemingly still maintaining all of an English gentleman's best traits.  His blog is pretty interesting, too.  

Happy Wednesday!

And, if you're still confused...#6 is Amy!  Congrats, again, Miss Amy!

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  1. what a ham bone!! i like the very pleasant audience sitting on the couch too. very scientific... i love it.


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