18 October 2010

Life {from an iPhone}

A poof from HomeGoods that I didn't NEED,
but couldn't leave the store without.
You can't tell just how delicious the turquoise and red are
in this photo.
Which is a real shame!
Because it is super tasty.

Our new house is across the street from a fantastic little park.
I'm blessed enough to use my legs to drag my rotund buttocks for a run
on the trails it offers almost daily.
It is breathtaking right now.
Fall is God's gift to us after the insufferable heat of summer.

We love our school.
Even though, we might {MIGHT} have to switch next year.
This is a photo of the littles at the fall fun fair.
Ahhhh, Sappington Elementary...I regret if we have to part ways.
What a special place!

A small painting commissioned by my sister.
Turned out pretty good.
Better than I expected, anyway.
I may have to paint a larger one for the new digs over here.

Let's get real...
McDonald's is just too easy.
Sure the meat has ground up eyeballs, teeth, and bones in it.
Your point?
But, seriously, 
it's so GROSS.
Why do I give in?
Not often, but I do.
Eyeball meat for them, and Diet Dr.Pepper for me.  
Both toxic poison.
Where is my will power?
I suppose I don't have any.
Wah, wah.

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