19 September 2010

New music this fine Sunday.

I suck.

Because, apparently, I cannot hack a life changing move AND blogging regularly.

So, today, I will share with you a 'new to me' band that I love, love, love.  Their songs are beautiful lyrically, and the music itself is so different and fresh.  It reminds me of folk/blue grass reinvented for a newer generation.  Once again, they're from across the pond which only adds to my anglophilia or anglophilism or whatever the proper term would be.

Darn those English.  Why do they have to be so fascinating?

Anywho, enjoy the music.  {Warning: the first song has the F-bomb in it.  So, I suggest ear buds or listening without littles running around.  But, it's sooo good.  Really.}

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