03 September 2010

Keep the green-eyed monster at bay.

I've been absent lately, and a bit vague on the house sale progress.  However, it looks like we'll be 'movin' on up' in a few short weeks.

So, because my life is revolving around the big move, I thought I'd tickle you taste buds with a peek at what Jake and I are getting ourselves into.

Now, I'm warning you...after seeing these photos, you may be VERY jealous.  And, that's okay, but keep in my mind, we're redoing just about everything.  So, don't get too attached.

You have been warned!

Nice, huh? {wink, wink}

I love a good reno project.

I do.

The bones of this house are great, the floor plan to die for, the extra space is dreamy.

But, admittedly I'm getting a bit anxious, and overwhelmed.

It will be quite a challenge with 4 littles underfoot.  Although, I am confident we can handle it.

I am so excited that all of you get to be a part of this life changer with us.  It looks to be an interesting ride.


  1. Hi there! I just LOVE your blog! I was messing with mine this morning when I decided that I did not like my heading. I messed around with it and ended up with some u g a l y stuff! Then I came across a tutorial by Clover Lane and she put your name up to check out how you did your header too. Other ladies too. I love yours the most. I would like to ask you how you got the cool side boxes? For example, right now I see *featured here* with the pink stars and green frame. LOVE IT! Mine is a mess and I won't be able to get to it tomorrow so you can pop in and see what I mean!! Thank you in advance for any help!

  2. ooooh! I just know you are going to make it F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!- can't wait to see!!!

  3. I am so excited for you guys!!! Let the fun begin.

  4. How exciting! We did a house remodel last year (well, the bulk of it anyway). I LOVE LOVE LOVE my house, but oh my word was it a lot of work! And there is still much to be done. But I don't think I could feel that sense of HOME anywhere else that I hadn't put my entire heart and soul into. I know you will have that as well and I'm excited for you! Yay, can't wait to see how it all turns out. Good luck!!!


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