13 September 2010

If only all 'field trips' were this pretty.

Hello, Bloggy Friends...

I will be having a virtual 'Matilda Jane Clothing' show beginning Thursday, September 16th and closing on Friday, September 17th.
Personally, I cannot say enough great things about Matilda Jane's pieces.  They are solidly constructed, utterly unique, super comfy, and so darn cute.  Bonus: when your littles outgrow them, resale shops pay top dollar!  Don't forget, they make incredible women's clothing, too!

All orders must be placed by 4pm on Friday Sept 17th.  The website will now offer a "Wish List" feature for you to print and email to Ashlee (who is super nice and helpful, even though she's far, far away in Utah), my Matilda Jane Clothing Trunk Keeper. You can simply shop the site and instead of adding your goods to a shopping cart, you add them to a wish list. 

Please call or email your order to Ashlee.  If you email me or comment below leaving me your email address, I can send you her number or email address.

She will also be available to answer any questions you may have.  Please let her know that it is for  Beth Grebe's show so you can save on shipping!

The new 'Field Trip' line is dreamy.

Remember:  I don't usually do these types of things, but their clothes are phenomenal!  You will NOT be disappointed!

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