02 August 2010

'Country Time' isn't just a brand of lemonade.

Good friends, good food, & wide open spaces are good for the soul.

Friday evening we just hung out and had some pies
 from a fantastic local pizzeria.
Saturday held the promise of a day on the river.
It did not disappoint.
We played, lounged, floated.
There was tadpole wrangling, stone skipping, and lots of eating.

The tadpole fort {built carefully by all of the boys} 
in the collage above was no match 
for, Buddy, the retriever.
And, for the record, when the girls were on the the 4-wheelers, 
Jake went about -.8973 mph.

Thank you, Robinsons for a great weekend!
I will have s'mores for breakfast anytime.
It's just what we needed before the grind of school begins.

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  1. I LOVE those pictures. Such a wonderful sense of peace in them... There is just nothing quite like real nature to give you a dose of real fun... and I swear we have the same dog.. Our "bear" looks just like that..


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