06 July 2010

That guy.

That guy is our introspective, sensitive kid.

He takes things to heart.

He is his own worst critic.

He loves to tell stories.

That guy is artistic, imaginative, and deep.

He is a huge sports fan and is waaaaay competitive.

His heart breaks easily, so tears are shed often, but typically, quietly and privately.

He is the first born, the care taker, the peace maker, the old soul.

That guy is the bomb.

I love that guy!

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  1. I have a 20 year old son you just described to a teeeeeeeeeeee. and I must say he is a doll.. His WAYS are what make him HIM.. Was so funny to read your description. Brought back such fun memories. I've been so busy I had to go back and catch up...wow wee you guys have been busy.. Enjoy your summer. Blessings your way.


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