08 July 2010

My sister's babies...

Sam is 7.

Kate is 5.

Aren't they cuties?

We're not sure where Sam's orange locks came from.

Oh, the fun we have that.

There is no joke we all haven't heard.  

Red hair, and freckles.  

Personally, I think both make a deliciously squeezable situation.

Kay-Kay didn't get the red hair, but oh, those freckles.

They're in full effect.

And, let me just say, for the record, that glasses are quite challenging during shooting and post-processing.

I know I'm an amateur, but geesh!

I love those guys!

Can't to see how they all turn out.


  1. How cute.. I know he probably hates that red hair (my dad was a red head and so so so very much welcomed his grey)... but darn it is so precious to see a smiling red head.. LOVE it!

  2. thanks for the great pics bethy. can't wait to see them all.


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