29 June 2010

This guy.

This guy is our difficult child.

This guy is also incredibly loving, generous, and kind hearted.

I have found with great passion comes this 'Jekyll & Hyde' phenomenon.

Whether he's happy or angry, that passion comes through.

His emotions are all or nothing.  Fueled by the heart without an ounce of rational thought.

And, you know what, I love it.

I may not enjoy the mood swings during the growing pain years, but when all is said and done, he'll be a man who uses his heart to guide him.

A guy who's desires out of life will be achieved with the great passion that fuels him.

An artistic, bright mind.

As time goes by, he'll learn to use his brain more than his heart in certain situations.  And that's okay.

But until then, this will be an interesting journey to take with this guy.

This guy.

Geesh, how did we ever get through a day without him?

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  1. Love you're view on mothering! And thanks for the email (a couple weeks back) regarding your camera. I'm still on the hunt...but watching you grow with your photography inspires me to get there at some point as well to capture my family in such creative and beautiful ways!


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