09 June 2010

Lessons from a film.

Right...so, Jake and I watched 'My Sister's Keeper' last night. 

I hadn't read the book, so I didn't know the exact story, just bits and pieces.

It was horrible, awful, bad!

In the best way.

As I sat there sobbing, I realized how my tears were being shed for so many reasons.

First off, it is a very sad, touching film.

Second, it seems that sometimes in the midst of other people's pain I find myself reflecting on my own blessings vs. hurdles, and I come to realize how fortunate I am, indeed.

There is a particular part of the movie, in which, the youngest, healthy daughter says how it's not fair that her older sister had to get sick and pass away.  It is very poignant.

I could not stop thinking about how many times I've thought that it's not fair that Betsy is 'trapped' inside her little brain, and I really felt ashamed.

Ashamed that I've felt that way when she is healthy, and thriving, and so happy. 

Ashamed because, even though her little body and her brain don't communicate, the essence of who she is has no problem rising to the surface.  Even without speech or great physical skills, we know who she is.  We get frequent glimpses into her sweet soul.

And she is good.  All things good.  All things we all should be more of.  All things God reveres. 

She is truly untouched by prejudices of any kind; culture, wealth, education, past sin. 

She loves everyone, has smiles and hugs for everyone.  Even if you upset her, she forgives and forgets quite literally. 

We have very little sadness in our lives, our home is free from tragedy {hopefully, until the end of our days}.

And we are blessed.

All of us.  Big Jake, Jake, Pete, Betsy, Rosie, me.

My kids are phenoms!  All 4 of them.

But, really, I didn't need a movie to tell me that.

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  1. If only I could get a sweet Betsy hug.
    Beautiful, beautiful post.


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