25 May 2010

9 years ago & today...

This was me 9 years ago from this very day
  along with the little bundle who made me a momma.
All 7lbs. 12 oz. of him.
I look like I'm 12 and Big Jake looks 13.
Also, I have that beautiful glow that one can only
acuqire from 14.5 grueling hours of labor.
The reality was this:
I was barely into my 23rd year, and 1 week away
from my 1st wedding anniversary.
But, I still have that beautiful glow that one can only
acquire from 14.5 grueling hours of labor.

Here we are today.
Jake has grown into such an amazing kid.
I have grown some amazing crow's feet,
and added some junk to my trunk.
I can't believe he's nine.
Good grief, where does the time go?
Happy Birthday, to my first born!
May all of you wishes come true...
you deserve it.
I can't say it enough:
I love, love, love you to the moon and back!


  1. So sweet.

    The party looked amazingly AWESOME.
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

  2. What a wonderful Post.. I had to go back and catch up since I've been gone the last few days.. I adore that cake... and all the stuff you made for that party is nothing short of fantastic.. WOW WEE for you.. He will just talk about this party for years to come.. LOVED LOVED it..


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