10 April 2010


Hello, everyone!
May I introduce Sheep & Mr.Chair?
They are the newest additions to the Grebe home.
Sheep was purchased with Rosie's very own Easter money.
I allowed it because what home with children doesn't need
ANOTHER stuffed animal?
Certainly not ours. That's for sure.
I love those little incubators of germs and disease. 
However, he has found such a nice home on Mr.Chair.
Rosie agrees.
And, obviously, she is in charge.

{I cannot put it off any longer}
I would like you to say 'howdy' to my secret project.
The one with the scrumptuous fabrics.
It is only half complete, but I am so proud.
Fish Scale skirt, say hello to your public!
This skirt has it all:
pretty fabrics, upcycling, movement, happiness, handmadeness, love, sweat,
 tears, messy edges, colors, sweat, tears, sweat, tears.
You name it...
it's got it.

I now know why certain clothing is so expensive.
The shear amount of time it takes to make certain garments is astounding.
But, since it's for me, and it keeps me from wasting my time in so many
other arenas, it's okay.

Don't you think Fish Scale skirt would look pretty sitting in Mr.Chair?
Maybe with Sheep in its lap?
Rest easy, my friends...
upon completion it's a promise.

If Rosie will allow it, of course.

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  1. ooh love the chair! Can't wait to see the finished skirt. Looks awesome!


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