04 March 2010

Oxfords, dress-up, and 3-year-olds.

I'm in love with men's wear style oxford/brogue shoes. 
Think Catholic school circa mid-1990s.
My favorites are from J.Crew,
but I refuse to pay $250.
I've found lots of vintage options on etsy.
Alas, I think I will head to Goodwill this weekend.
Lucky me...
I wear a men's 9-9.5 shoe.
So, I'm thinkin' it will be a piece of cake to find some CHEAP!

Camden leather brogues, jcrew
vintage canvas lace-up oxford, here

vintage brown oxford brogues, here

My OCD is kickin' in overtime.
My dear cousin is getting married in May.
Which means dressing up.
Which means I'll get an ulcer deciding what to wear.
Not a fan of dressing up.
For lots of reasons,
 but I'll have to share those another day.
I can get the following accessories for quite a deal
over at J.Crew's on-line clearance sale.
I thought paired with my trusty ole Gap black dress
{which, incidentally, I bought for my wedding rehearsal almost 10-years ago,
and I've worn it a gagillion times}
it would look classically cool.
And, those shoes...
are you kidding me?
How killer are they?

shoes and sash, J.Crew

image via flickr

In other news,
today is Rosie's 3-year-old photo session.
Already, she doesn't want me to do her hair.
She's laying on the couch all wrapped in a blanket watching 'Franklin'.
This is going to be really fun.

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