24 March 2010

Fabric & Swordfish

I have a super, special, secret project in the works with those scrumptious beauties up there.
I canNOT wait to get them in the mail.
I love fabric so much, sometimes, I think I could just pile it all up on my bed,
and roll around in it naked.

If you think that's weird...
you won't want to meet my sister.
Because she tells everyone that she wants
 to rub the swordfish from McCormick & Schmicks all over her face.
It's that good.

What the hell did my parents do to us?
Maybe they deprived us of important sensory experiences
when we were little.
{Nah, that's too easy.}
Maybe it's because they lied to us for years,
and told us that liver was steak so we'd eat it.
Maybe it's because we'd get grounded from going out on the weekend
if we didn't make our beds every freaking morning.
No, I'm sure it's the fact that
my mom used to play 'hide and seek' with us
just so she could scare the poo out of us when we found her.
Who knows?
I do know this...
that game sometimes pretty much always ended in tears.
Except from my swordfish loving sister who got giddy with excitement
every time Mom would pop out from behind the shower curtain and growl.

She totally misused her 'mom power'.

Those memories are priceless.

Oh, and Mom & Pops...
I love you.


  1. Oh, I love the fabrics.
    I'm totally into that yellow and gray!!

  2. can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves! miss you on facebook :)


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