03 February 2010

Memories are made at Marshalls.

I hate shopping, but...

I do like scoring a deal on something I'm actually looking to buy. 

I've forgotton how incredible Marshalls is.

I repeat: I am not a shopper (internet, maybe...real life, NO), but when the mood strikes, Marshalls is fantabulous.

The funny thing is, I like fashion, and textiles, and good garments, and quality sheets, and kitchen ware but I hate going through racks.

At Marshalls you have to be in a 'I-will-go-through-these-racks-until-I-can't-see-straight' frame of mind. 

Yesterday, I went to Marshalls to get Rosie some shoes. 

She is picky as all get out, but we were lucky. 

The first pair is tacky and altogether obnoxious, but they were el cheapo and she loves them.

The second pair is for summer, and I plan on pimpin' them out a bit 'Punky Brewster' style. 

I remember, one time, when I was 8 or so, my whole family visited Marshalls, and all of the clearance was $.25 and $.50. 

**Remember that Mom?**

It was insane.

I still remember a certain sweatshirt I got that day...pale yellow with records and boom boxes all over it, and the cuffs turned back and were pink. 

It was 'Babysitters Club' hot. 

Sweet memories...sweet.


  1. I suddenly feel the urge to go to Marshalls!
    great finds!

  2. Babysitters Club - you rock!!! I always wanted to have a club like that of my own : -)


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