15 January 2010

Making it work.

I am a walking contradiction. 

About a lot of things, really.

Mostly, because I'm a big believer in 'exceptions'. 

To keep it light, I'll focus on my conflicts in home design aesthetics.

I LOVE this...

But,  I, also, really LOVE this...

image via Country Living

I LOVE this...

image via House to Home

But, I LOVE this, too...

image via Country Living

It all comes down to this...

You should surround yourself with things you love. 

People, objects, thoughts, ideas, food, decor.

If one contradicts the other, that's okay.

If at the core of 'you' is a strong person rooted in a firm value system based on good ethics and morals, it's okay to have a crazy, fun, fly by the seat of her pants kind of friend, AND a more introverted, intellectual, let's talk philosophy kind of friend.

It's cool to have a country, cottage, farm house table surrounded by mid-century, Eames style, dining chairs.

Because if all of it reflects who you are, your contradictions and all, then it will work.  Things will click.  Fall into place. 

Life doesn't match.  It is full of opposites, paradoxical contrasts. 

That's why it's interesting, and FUN.

I hope all areas of my life reflect this belief. 

Including my home.


  1. Great post Beth.
    I love that piece on the bottom, the swirly-twiggy!:)
    You have great style.

  2. I ADORE your home...your style...and your words that shared them...and THAT IS my style EXACTLY too!

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  4. Love this post. I too often think about my style and what a hod podge it is, but I know that I love things unique and interesting even if they are contradictory. And your home looks absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  5. I'm so glad I found this post, I really needed it. I still have not found my style when it comes to decorating. What you said about surrounding yourself with things you love is absolutely what I'm going to do. Thanks!


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