27 January 2010

Bowls and more Spongebob.

Latte bowls.

Who doesn't love 'em?

We all know of her admiration for them.

And, I agree.

They are pretty wonderful.

Perfect size for the palm of your hand.

Soup, cereal, oats.

But, alas, I love the minis more.

They are great for little snacks; pretzels, cheerios, cheez-its, raisins.

And, the kids go nutty over them for ketchup or honey mustard.

Keeps the dip separate from all the other food, see?


Anthroplogie only carries them in the store.

But, I HIGHLY recommend them.

In other, completely unrelated, news...

Tiny*Prints delivers once again.

The invitations for Rosie's party are great.

I straight stiched some hot pink tulle on Bob, and voila!

Spongebob pink tutu party!

Couldn't be happier.


  1. bethy, i agree, latte bowls are simply devine big or small! i would love to make a trip to the galleria in the near future to stock up on more... hint, hint...

  2. Thanks for letting me know about tinyprints - that invite is so cute, i esp love the tutu!

    i also love paperculture.com.


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