31 December 2009

My New Year's Words.

image via encefalus.com

Instead of a resolution...
choose a word.

For myself, this is VERY hard.
ONE word.
Are you kidding me?

I've chosen 3:

The second word is a bit of a contradiction
considering I couldn't even pick just one word.
But, I could've have easily chosen 17.
So, see?
I'm already keeping it simple.
For me, anyway.

I, also, need to start focusing on the positive.
In every situation.
In every person.

Calm is something that I am not.
I am pretty high strung.
Well, about some things.
But, however you wanna slice it,
I need more calmness in my life.

Hope you can choose a word.
Let it be your mantra in 2010.

Happiest of New Year's!


  1. Mine is SERENITY this year. LAUGH would be a second one.

  2. I chose my one word for this next year and posted a link to your blog on mine. thanks for the advice. happy new year!


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