01 December 2009



Lately, I am feeling like there isn't enough of me to go around. 
The walls are closing in. 
It always seems to happen during the holidays.
Every year I try to set things up so that this doesn't happen.
And every year, I seem to fail.
I say no to doing too much at school, no to buying/making too many gifts for too many people,
no to baking too many cookies, no to sending too many cards.
I try my best to simplify.
So, what gives?
Why is it the same every year?
It's getting better...
but certainly not simple.
I've even contemplated staying in ALL day on Christmas Eve,
with just our little family. 
Why is it that the one time of year when we should all slow down and breathe
is the one time during the year that we seem to go into hyperdrive?
I would, seriously, hybernate for a week during Christmastime.
Just the 6 of us.
If only.
A girl can dream.
Is that totally selfish?



  1. I'm totally with you. If up to me, we would not do a thing, just sit in our jammies, eat and play with our new toys. Why all the pressure?

  2. nope...you're not the only one...I totally agree, and I do the same things to try and NOT be crazy during Christmas...but yet I still end-up the same way every year!


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