03 December 2009

5 kids + 5 adults = 47 rad photos

These are a few of the photos that we got taken a couple of weeks ago by Brenda Shelton.  If anyone in the Saint Louis area is interested in having her shoot your family, email me and I can forward her contact information to you.  She is very reasonable, talented, and fun.  She will put you at ease from the get go, and the kids really liked her, too.  She really took time with us, which is always appreciated when it comes to dealing with us crazy Grebes. 

Thanks, Brenda!
We had a great time!


  1. Awesome pics!! I have to know where were these taken? I love the setting. These are wonderful pics of all of you!

  2. LOVE them all! Great pics! and the post below this one...AMEN!!! I too recently had someone attack me over my choice for how I create our little family life and home...sad isn't it??
    Have a great weekend!
    p.s. LOVIN' your new blog header!!

  3. thanks! these were taken in downtown kimswick, mo. about 20 min. outside of st.louis.


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