08 November 2009



On Saturday, when the fam and I got home from my 5K (more on that this week, and I promise it will delight the mind & senses), there was a package on the doorstep. 

Is it not one of the most exciting things EVER to get something good in the mail when you aren't expecting anything at all?  And, is it not a total bonus when the box is bigger than a bread box and is stamped 'fragile' all over it? 

Well, the package awaiting me was all that and more. 

My 'far-away' friend, Tammy, creator of 'Seven O Three Papery', sent me a box of amazingness.  She was charged with the task of creating the Grebe Christmas card this year, and I had no idea they were done and on their way.  Let me just say, here and now, she did NOT disappoint.  Not only are they incredible...(I, seriously, cried) but the way she packaged them all up was to die for.  She always goes the extra mile.  The photos above just don't do the whole ensemble justice. At all.  I gave her artistic license (all I said was to make it a bit modern), and voila.  She created something that was waaaaaay beyond my expectations. 

Tammy does not have an etsy shop (which I think she should reconsider), but you can contact her at sevenothreepapery{at}hotmail{dot}com if you're interested in having her create something special for you.  You can also view some of the other great stuff she has created on her blog and her web album

Tammy, you are a true talent and creative genius.  It's all in the details, and you certainly don't overlook any.  I'm hoping I can repay the favor.  It may take some imaginative thinking on my part, but I will definitely try. 

PS  I also got my tickets to see Glen at The Pageant on December 4th in the mail on Saturday.  It was like a double whammy!  It was a great, fabo day for post!



  1. Yes, Tammy is super fabulous isn't she? Beth, I met you at Tammy's baby shower when she was pregnant with Maddox, and I just wanted to tell you that I so enjoy your blog. You are so talented, and boy do I love all your house decor!

  2. i would like a package like that in the mail...please? :)

  3. Awwwwwww Shucks- you are just too much! Thank you so much for all of the kudos. It was my pleasure.


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