07 October 2009


I am going to, gingerly, attempt to make the above costume
for my dear, sweet Rosie.
First alteration to the above...
to turn those over-easy lookin' flowers into cute lil' toadstools instead.
Second order of business...
decide how to cut the pattern for the hat,
and how I'm going to get it to stand up like that,
AND stay on her melon head.
I am on the hunt for a plaid shirt in a 3T or 4T.
You didn't really think I could make one of those, did you?
And, finally...
have Rosie practice walking in her hot pink wooden clogs that will look delicious with this costume.
Afterall, we actually have to make it from house to house trick-or-treating.
This may prove to be harder than I think.
Wish me luck!


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