01 October 2009

Charmingly cuckoo.

I just discovered All Things Original.
Have I been living under a rock?
It is full of gorgeousness.
It IS a bit pricey, but let's face it...
the prices look so cute with the sterling symbol in front of the numerals.
So cute, in fact, it may just make you think you're not spending as much as you really are.
Should I post the current exchange rate as a reminder?
My current favs...

...that delectable charm bracelet up there.
I would give up the clothes I have on right at this very moment,
and wear it in just my skivvies if I could have it.
True story.

Pleasantly enough, this cuckoo necklace is smartly priced at 17.5 quid.
The good news here being that I would not have to walk around
in my underpants to have it.
Plus, I think it's fitting, no?
Anything cuckoo is quite symbolic of my own existence.

Be sure and check out All Things Original,
maybe while your facebooking tonight. ;)


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